Miracle Properties Ltd

We buy great properties in great locations


Established 2019

A company that invests in real estate in the UK

We have a power team in the UK with huge knowledge who are also fantastic people. We also have a network of real estate investors that covers most cities in Wales, England and Scotland, and we all share ideas and information.

Our goal is to offer pleasant accommodation to our tenants who want to stay in our properties for a long time. To achieve this we work with experienced partners where the relationship is based on trust.



Why Invest with US?

High Demand

The UK has a shortage of houses and the government aren't able to build houses at the same speed as the population grows. We only invest in areas where the demand is high.

Top Notch Selection Process

We have a comprehensive checklist that we go through to see if the property fits our criteria.

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Upcoming Events and

Podcast Updates

Our podcast channel is called Pengaflöde. We discuss property investments in the UK. We talked about our journey and the ups and downs that we go through on the way to achieving our goals.

We also interview interesting people that are in the property world in the UK in some way. Most of the episodes with interviews are in English. The episodes where we talk about our journey are in Swedish.

We also have a Youtube channel where we share videos about our journey and show tips.

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