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Nana and Emelie

We are a couple that in January 2019 founded Miracle Properties LTD, a company that invests in real estate in the UK.

Our journey began in August 2018 when we decided to start investing in real estate. We have done courses in laws, regulations and various investment strategies in the UK through Legacy Education and Progressive Property. We are constantly training to increase our competence and keep abreast of new laws. In addition to this, we also get advice and knowledge from other successful real estate investors and mentors.

Our goal is to offer pleasant accommodation to our tenants who want to stay in our properties for a long time. To achieve this we work with experienced partners where the relationship is based on trust.

We have a power team in the UK with huge knowledge who are also fantastic people. We also have a network of real estate investors that covers most cities in Wales, England and Scotland, and we all share ideas and information.

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