Miracle Properties Ltd


If our first week of the holiday was hectic when we arranged our R2SA then we cannot claim that it calmed down. We had a list of 19 tasks that needed to be solved and systematized before the end of the holiday.

On the same day as our R2SA became clear, the purchase of our first property was also completed.
After the mentorship, our strategy was to “flip” (buy/renovate/sell) for 2 years and then start to make bigger projects.

On July 15, we received the keys to our first service accommodation, which is a one-floor apartment that we will rent as short-term accommodation on Airbnb, booking.com and similar sites.

Emelie made the decision to buy this course and since we had listened to the audiobook, our hopes were sky-high. In addition, it was a money-back guarantee when we bought the course at 10X.

When we got home from 10X it took a few days to process everything. We had skype calls every day the first week with people we met on 10X. Our network of contacts grew significantly these days and although we still have contact with most people, we have carefully chosen who we want to work with.

10X is the Grant Cardone slogan to think 10 times as big. He is a real estate mogul from the United States. I had listened to poddar and was told this event would be the biggest real estate event in years.

As soon as we got home from our 2 weeks in the UK we started to build our power team. Our power team consists of those we work with in the UK.

You may be wondering what an Orientation Day is for something?

It’s a packed day with a sourcing agent where you get to discover the area they work in.

January 8 – January 10, 2019, we went to Richmond, London, to spend 3 days with our mentor we got through Legacy education.

This blog will be about our real estate journey. We will write about what happens, however, not every day, but more when specific events occur. To give you an idea of ​​why we started and how we came to the conclusion that this was the path we would take, we must go back a few years.