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Miracle Properties Ltd

January 8 – January 10, 2019, we went to Richmond, London, to spend 3 days with our mentor we got through Legacy education.

Our mentor was Hagar Hatchard. We chose him because his experience in real estate was similar to what we strive for. In addition, we thought he would be punctual and accurate when he is a former military, which is a good thing. However, we were afraid that he would be a macho guy but on the contrary, he was a nice family man with a twinkle in his eye.

We brought our 9-month-old daughter on this trip. Many did not understand why we did not wait until she was bigger so we could arrange a babysitter. Those who understood what we wanted to achieve, The thought we took the right decision that our daughter did not hinder our goals. We are lucky as our daughter charms everything in her path and is very easy to bring.

Day 1 – January 8

We met our mentor and presented our background and vision for the future. He shared his background and experience in real estate investing. Then we started our company. We received information about taxes and accounting programs from an audit firm. We also got info on exchange rates from a company focusing on just that.

We got to learn a lot of Hagar and count on various projects. In homework, we got to fill in the forms for HSBC so we can open a company account in the coming days. When we arrived at the hotel and filled in these long pages we fell asleep as fast as the little one after all the info.

Day 2 – January 9

We got information about a site on the Internet where you can find real estate to invest in. We also got to meet two men from a sourcing company, which is a company looking for objects for their clients to invest in, against a charge. We also had a live webinar with a “mortgage broker” who talked about different loans available and interest rates on these loans.

After that, we went out with Hagar on viewings where we got to see how he integrated with the estate agents on site. We learned what questions to ask and how to read what situation the seller is in. A very educational day.

Day 3 – January 10

We met the girl who would help us fix our bank account and made all forms etc ready for it. We spent the day with Hagar who continued to learn everything we could on these 3 very intense days. It all ended with Hagar playing with our daughter while we counting on various projects to see that we really had understood the teaching he had taught us during these 3 days. Before we said goodbye for this time, he gave us a business plan for the next 2 years.

He makes 2-year plans that it is not too far ahead for people to push things forward but enough time for them to achieve their intermediate goals.

It was intense but so rewarding and we now had a plan to reach the goals we set long before. We took Friday and Saturday off, we just hang out and gathered our thoughts after the days with Hagar before embarking on a “road trip” through the UK which we will tell more about in the next post.

– Emelie

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