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Q2 2020

During the second quarter of 2020, it felt a bit like the world stood still and while the whole world was paused, I continued with my rehabilitation during my sick leave. Emelie has been furlough and worked 60%. Céline has been sent home from kindergarten. My mother is still stuck in Ghana but hopes to…

2019 /2020 Q1

Since we last wrote we have sold the house we bought in Swansea. We made a profit and have paid back one of the investors, the other investors want to continue investing.The house was bought by a couple who bought their first house! We agreed on the price in early November and aimed for everything…

Miracle Properties Ltd

5 Day trip in UK

Newcastle and its surroundings The first stop on the trip was Newcastle which I have never been to. A fun part of our real estate trip is that you get to experience cities you might not usually go to. Since we both enjoy travelling, we see this as a big plus. Our local sourcing agent picked…

Miracle Properties Ltd


On the same day as our R2SA became clear, the purchase of our first property was also completed.
After the mentorship, our strategy was to “flip” (buy/renovate/sell) for 2 years and then start to make bigger projects.

Miracle Properties Ltd

After 10X

When we got home from 10X it took a few days to process everything. We had skype calls every day the first week with people we met on 10X. Our network of contacts grew significantly these days and although we still have contact with most people, we have carefully chosen who we want to work with.