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Where do we start!

10X is the Grant Cardone slogan to think 10 times as big. He is a real estate mogul from the United States. I had listened to several podcast and was told this event would be the biggest real estate event in years. I knew right away we must attend to this. 1500 real estate investors in the same room!

The majority in our industry that we spoke with over Facebook, Instagram, Skype and e-mails was going which gave us a chance to meet those people for in reality and build a relationship.

For me, it is important to have good chemistry, especially if we are going to do business together, which is why I appreciate meeting people in real life.

We asked grandma and grandpa to babysit so we could have a child-free weekend.

Day 1

We got there and we were struck by how many people that had attended. We told ourselves before attending we have to talk to everyone! We must network, hand out business cards and make contacts.

On every break, we use to network.

Rob Moore, who is a recognized property investor in the UK, picked up people on stage who had begun their real estate journey 1-2 years ago and were already financially free through hard work. 

After we had dinner in the evening we decided to meet with a couple we spoken with over a month over a drink and get to know each other more.

They were great fun and a nice couple who shared a similar life situation as us. They have a son who is 2 years old and trying to do something that generates more time for the family. We quickly liked each other and today we see them as our friends.

Today we talk 1-2 times a week and if there is anything the always try to help us.

It was a long day and on the way to the hotel, we tried to take in everything we had learned and all the people we had met during that day.

Day 2

The conference itself was reminiscent of the previous day, a lot of information to bring in and a lot of people to meet.

It was my birthday and we would celebrate but hadn’t decided how yet. We recieved a call from our sourcer who said that our deal in Glasgow would take longer, probably to autumn!

We had gotten the house so cheaply that the owner could not pay off the mortgage he had taken 10 years ago. The sourcer suggested we should pull out off deal. They meant that we were too driven to sit and wait for this seller. We agreed, he gave us another deal but that one was not good enough. We had to say no.

The very first day we met a guy who has a podcast, That I usually listen to and that I also emailed quite often in Sweden.

I reached out to him, the chemistry was there right away, we started talking and he introduced us to a lot of people. Among other things, to the sourcer, that we work with today,

He also introduced us to his friends on day 2 and they invited us to join them for dinner.

I knew it was my birthday and we had a child-free weekend. Emelie said that I could decide what we should do because it’s my birthday. I decided we would join them out for dinner and we had great fun. A whole bunch of property investor sharing experiences and contacts. At the end of the evening, we changed numbers with several, yet today I speak to these people daily.

I have not written about the different speakers at the conference as we think networking was the most important thing.

The speakers were great and some of them who were there is worth checking out on Youtube or reading their book, or attend to their course, the speakers was Grant Cardone, Alfie Best, Glenn Delve, Mark Homer, Rob Moore, Kevin McDonnell and more.

All of theme gave us a lot of tips and inspiring stories.

We love networking and will continue to go on similar trips!

– Nana

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