Miracle Properties Ltd

Miracle Properties Ltd

When we got home from 10X it took a few days to process everything. We had skype calls every day the first week with people we met on 10X. Our network of contacts grew significantly these days and although we still have contact with most people, we have carefully chosen who we want to work with.

Our vision is to offer affordable quality accommodation so that our tenants want to stay for a long time. In the same way, we also look at our relationships with our partners and investors.

We want to collaborate with people we love and who share our vision of creating a win-win situation for all parties involved.

We want investors who want to continue to invest and thus make money while helping us achieve our vision.

There are many who only look to their own good and these we do not want to work with, although we can still keep in touch and ask or answer questions that may come up.

Two weeks after 10X and we were approaching the end of June 2019 and all of a sudden, lots of projects started to roll in. We chose two that we felt were right, to begin with.

One was a “pre-auction” deal. Which means the seller would sell the property at auction but we got a chance to buy it before then. The seller was an investor himself so the property was newly renovated and it was only for us to sell or rent it out if we wanted to. We felt we wanted to build more capital and decided to resell it when we bought it.

The whole process takes a few weeks to get ready but when you buy at the pre-auction you only have 28 days to complete the purchase so everyone has to work a little faster than usual.

Just two days later we got another project that we wanted to test on. This project was an apartment in Birmingham that we would rent and then rent as short-term accommodation on Airbnb and similar sites.

The first two weeks of July consisted of fixing paper and chasing the lawyer/solicitor so our 28-day time frame would hold while we were fixing the contract for the apartment in Birmingham.

On July 11, we were going to Petersborough, England to attend a real estate investment course and we wanted everything ready before then as we would not have access to printers that weekend.

We sat on the course on July 12 when both projects went into port.

– Emelie

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