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During the summer we have been in Stockholm and a bit around Västra Götaland.

We were at Borås Zoo and then we were in Stockholm to greet friends.

Of course, we then visited Gröna Lund and Skansen. Céline did not think Skansen was that good, which we can understand because she had just been to Borås Zoo. We ended the summer vacation with Skara sommarland but took the last visit to Liseberg because Céline loves it.

As for the company, we completed the title split course where we gained lots of knowledge in how to cut properties and land in the best way. Both from a tax point of view and from a sustainability point of view.

We finished Richard Browns, the property apprentice that lasted for 100 days. In addition to always learning something new from talking to Richard, he has helped us systematize a lot in our company and improved many of our processes.

Now we are part of two different masterminds. One for the title split and one for Richard.

When it comes to house purchases, there was only 1 property instead of 2.

When our lawyer went through all the information and searched for the property on the British equivalent of the survey, they noticed that it was not registered, which caused problems when we would buy with a bridge loan, and we can not register a mortgage for lenders if the property is not registered.

They also found that the property was a leasehold and not freehold. Which means we do not own the land the house stands on.

The renovation has started, and we have changed the layout, so it will be,

2 beds to 3 beds. This property is located in Leeds. According to the schedule, the renovation will be completed in December.

We still have two single-family houses that are undergoing renovation just like that because we ran on a Lease option in Newcastle. Lease option means that we will control this property with a management agreement and have an option to buy it within 10 years for a price we set today at £77,000.

The good thing is that 77,000 pounds do not correspond to it in 10 years due to. Inflation.

This property is a Swedish 3 bedroom mid-terrace, British 2 beds.

We have a lot of other fun going on that we do not want to go out with yet! (Watch the space)

We have visited a number of podcasts.

A Swedish podcast called the real estate prince. After that, we received many nice messages that we are very transparent.

We are visiting a British podcast called this week in property very interesting and different questions!

Nana visited an American podcast that was fun.

He also visited a Canadian podcast about entrepreneurship and what it is like to be a parent of two children.

For those of you who may not have seen, we have provided a mailing list where we update on what is happening in the UK and send out investment opportunities and updates on our trip!


We have also started with physical network meetings again.

We will have one in Gothenburg on 25 November and one in Stockholm on 10 December.

Let us know if you are interested in coming to a meeting.

// Nana & Emelie

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