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We begin by mentioning that Céleste came into the world!

Punctually! Due date was 25th of April and the clock barely past midnight before the water went and just before 11 am we had a perfectly healthy little girl in our arms.

Nana was home for 5 weeks and it was nice to land and be able to support Emelie. The birth went very well so we got to come home and enjoy little sister with Céline the very next day.

You who listen to the podcast probably already know what we have done during Q2, but if you don’t, a lot has happened!

We have bought a course that is about how to title split. Since we want to do big projects, build new properties and rebuild old properties, it is extremely important to know what rules and tax issues to keep in mind. Also being able to see how to split a piece of land you intend to sell in the best way for continued future income is something we learn in this course. Very rewarding so far!

We have undergone a program with our mentor Richard Brown called TPV Apprentice and lasts for 100 days. Our mentor goes through our company and points out what is good and less good and helps to refine and structure things better.

We also did a deep dive into exactly how we reach our goals.

This program has given us an incredible amount of value and we have already started to see results with even more investors who want to get their money to work through us and be part of the journey.

He has also made us realize that our timeline was a bit skewed and that we can achieve our first goal much earlier than the date we had set.

We have had our bids accepted for 2 properties, one in Leeds and one in Sheffield.

These properties are located in cities that are growing and it will be exciting to see the end result and what valuation we will get after refurbs been done. 

We recorded a podcast episode about these deals.

Properties in Leeds have risen by 39% in the last five years!

We will keep these properties so in the long run the value will go up regardless.

We have taken out a bridge loan on both so that the capital lasts much longer.

Nana has made two videos where he shows this.

We have also acquired another R2R HMO, it is great that things are rolling on even though we are stuck in Sweden.

Luckily we have such good friends and partners over there!

We have held a property network meeting again and also took the opportunity to attend various different network meetings in the UK while they are still online.

UK have such strict restrictions, we have refrained from going there because we don’t want to self-isolate for 10 days, but as soon as everything eases, we will fly over.

We have been interviewed for a couple of podcasts, both Swedish and British but also a Canadian one.

The links will probably come later or in Q3 when they have been released.

Losing your property cherry 


The property voice 


As we wrote earlier, Nana is a mentor for coal.liance (to help Afro-Swedes between 18-25)

He had 1 lecture for the other mentors about investments not only about real estate but shares, silver, gold, treasury bills etc. It went really well and he looks forward to continuing with these after the summer. He will then have a workshop in 4 parts.

We have celebrated Nana’s 35th birthday and since he loves crayfish and shrimps (Gothenburg’s fault) we went to one of the finest seafood restaurants and got a seafood plateau and of course a little champagne.

We went to Liseberg (big amusement park) with Céline for the first time and she thought it was so fun that the guard had to explain that the rabbits (their mascot) would sleep so she had to go home. After that, we decided to go to Gröna Lund (smaller amusement park) and Skara summerland (small amusement park plus waterland) now during the summer months.

We keep our fingers crossed that the lawyer will not find any errors so these deals go through painlessly.

When Q3 is written, we hope to be able to tell you more about the purchases and renovations that will be made. Hopefully we also have more projects underway then!

 Happy summer!

 Nana & Emelie

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