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Holiday even though I was on sick leave, we went around our elongated country.
We start by going up to Stockholm, where we meet friends and family members. We took the opportunity to have a property network meeting via the group from Facebook.

We were a cozy bunch at the espresso house.
Of course, we kept social distancing.
When we came home from Stockholm, it did not take long before we went to Malmö.
There we hung out with family members and then we met new people we had talked to online.
We take the opportunity to go to Ale stones, I have never experienced Skåne in that way even though I grew up in Malmö.

We have been getting the contract done and starting the company with our partners in London.
However, we have changed direction, from London to the northeast of England. Since we will have them in the company, we will be able to get access to mortgages that we had never had access to.

What is going on in the world has probably no one missed, however, people live like never before. Now that the redundancy support is ending both in Sweden and in the UK, we will see increased unemployment.
In the UK, the redundancy allowance has been extended to March.
Many companies have started to lay off their staff because the future is so uncertain no one has a clue how long this will last.

It has made it easy for us to change strategy or review it.

As an investor, you must adapt to the situation and not have a tunnel vision, we believe.
We will look into social housing/asylum housing where we get a guaranteed rental income over a longer period between 5-10 years leases.

We are also looking at commercial properties where we can convert to flats. They have eased the rules when it comes to this to maintain the housing market. There is a boom in the UK with people moving and buying like never before.We have acquired 2 R2R HMO they will withdraw £ 800 together. This is our friends from Wales with whom we are once again collaborating.
One is Banksy which is on the page since the other is not started yet but it will happen soon.

We have been a guest of an education company in Sweden that does real estate education, it has been very fun to be able to answer and help people also tell them about our journey to people.

If you have not noticed, we have released a YouTube series with Imran about what to think of when investing in the UK. He has been on the podcast before, so if you want to get to know him, just listen to the episode here.


Emelie and I have always said that her mother can stay with us the day we move abroad.
Now both two are looking for accommodation in Sweden where they have the opportunity to convert a villa/detached house into 2 apartments or already finished with 2 apartments.
We’ve been to screenings.

We have booked an HMO course that Emelie won last year when we were in Birmingham.

Very fun that we have been as high as place 48 on investment podcasts in Sweden Apple podcast.
Very fun that so many people listen to our podcast.
Also so many from all over the world!

With everything going on in the world, I’m quite happy with the ones we have achieved in Q3, hopefully, we will achieve our goal this year.


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