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Instead of sitting still, we have educated ourselves with the help of webinars, books, podcasts and online training. A 3-day course on House in Multiple Occupation.

 I have been to some network meetings in Gothenburg, including BNI. But mostly it has been zoom network meetings plus we have continued to guest appearances for a Swedish company that focuses on educating those who want to invest in the UK. 

We had a webinar with Imran where we talked about our journey and how to invest in the UK even if you do not live there. 

Throughout the 4th quarter of 2020, we were searching for properties that we could invest in. However, it is very difficult to get the figures together right now when the market has exploded as it has, the margins are becoming too small. But as John Howard said in the podcast interview, “sometimes the best deal is the one you don’t do!” 

One positive thing about covid is that our network of contacts only got bigger and bigger as people who may not have been available before due to lack of time, have had time now that the UK has had a number of shutdowns. 

The podcast has gone off the roof! We had over 750 listens in one week and over 2000 listens in one month. Very fun to see how far we have come with it and how it has helped people who want to invest in the UK. 

I have also guested the property nomads podcast, link below.

If we summarize the entire 2020 briefly, however, we are not completely satisfied with what we have achieved. We have built our network and increased our knowledge, which is always valuable, but we have not been able to buy properties at the rate we wanted as ordinary people have thrown out money and paid far above what the property is actually worth due to covid and isolation. 

It doesn’t make any sense that people are furlough but consume like never before without knowing if you have a secure income in the coming months. 

We will see if housing prices dip or if we only see them return to the same level as before Covid-19. Regardless, there will be opportunities and deals that will fit our criteria, you just have to have a little ice in your stomach and make sure that the numbers work. 

On a personal level, the year started nicely with a cruise in the Caribbean and 5 days in Miami for my mother-in-law’s 70th birthday. Then my Achilles tendon went off and I went from self-propelled to becoming completely dependent on Emelie for several months. 

I tried to start my health routines as much as possible after the injury, but then we got the whole Covid-19 family. I got it first and even though I had a facemask at home and slept in the guest room, I infected Emelie and Céline.

The positive thing about it is that I can be involved when Céleste comes to earth even though I have a cold because I have antibodies now. We also encountered many other personal senses of sadness during the year.

But, What does not kill you makes you stronger, and we feel stronger and look forward to a successful 2021 and another family member. 

With that said Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

// Nana

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