Miracle Properties Ltd

Miracle Properties Ltd

Emelie made the decision to buy this course and since we had listened to the audiobook, our hopes were sky-high. In addition, it was a money-back guarantee when we bought the course at 10X.

For us, it was a win-win situation.

Those who organize the course have Service Accommodation (short-term accommodation) nearby and we lived there but it was not a high standard.

The training itself was really good and we made lots of new contacts. At the end of the weekend, we won a competition and got champagne to end the weekend with.

While we were on the course the first day, both our projects, our flip in Wales and our SA in Birmingham, went through.

Day 2, we met a partner from Wales who was there for another course and talked a bit about the flip project.

We really felt that we got what we wanted from the course and the teacher we still have contact with. The only thing we did not like about the course was that the last day he spent a little too much time selling their mentorship to those who needed help to start their journey. We did not feel that we were in need of mentoring as we have already had the determination.

After that, we went back to London and meet our partners in London who are working with HMO. They are looking for a project for us, we have a similar vision so it is perfect.

We finished by checking in at the hotel and opening up our champagne which we won on the course.

We celebrated our victories we had achieved this week. It was a good week and weekend!

– Nana

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