Miracle Properties Ltd

Miracle Properties Ltd

If our first week of the holiday was hectic when we arranged our R2SA then we cannot claim that it calmed down. We had a list of 19 tasks that needed to be solved and systematized before the end of the holiday.

Nana, who is a morning person, was there before me and Céline every day and dotted with information from the list. He needed to make calls as soon as the phone hours opened.

When you have a baby, planning is everything.

Our plan was to do as much as possible when Céline was sleeping so we could give her attention and socialize with loved ones when she was awake.

The mornings, late nights and when Céline slept dinner became when we got most things done.

In addition to our list, we had Skype conversations with partners to discuss future plans and met with other investors for rewarding calls.

As the holidays began to come to an end, we had dotted 16 of 19 things on the list and even though we felt we hadn’t got what we thought, we focused on what we had accomplished in 3 weeks.

After the holiday, it was time for
kindergarten for Céline and then we would both start working full time again, which was one of the reasons why we wanted as much as possible systematized and arranged before.

However, we have realized that new tasks emerge every day regardless of work and
kindergarten, so we continue to work hard every day towards our goal and celebrate every little victory along the way.

This is our passion!

– Emelie

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