Miracle Properties Ltd

Miracle Properties Ltd

After working all holiday, it was nice to have a real holiday in Greece for a week.

Since August we have really switched up the pace a couple of laps.

We have created a facebook group called Fastighetsinvesteringar i UK.

This group is about exactly what the name says. We felt they needed such a group where you could ask questions and help each other. Both for those who passively invest and we who actively invest. The group has over 300 members.

After Greece, we were invited by a couple dealing with real estate investments to their workshop on real estate investment in the UK. I went there myself while Emelie was at home with the little one and all of a sudden I was asked to introduce myself and talk about our property journey.?

When it comes to our house in Swansea we have accepted a bid.

The house was up for sale for 2 months and the houses usually lie up for about 6 months before sale.

Our service accommodation in Birmingham receives more and more bookings on weekdays.

Two weeks ago I had an extra week off from work. Then we took the opportunity to book lots of meetings with new and old partners.

Since Emelie worked, I went myself while she and the little boy were left here at home.

We have started a YouTube channel where we talk about what we do and also different strategies and laws around them.

We have something else going on that we can’t really tell yet.

In addition, we have hired our virtual assistant from the Philippines to help us with some different tasks.

Next blog post will be about my trip to the UK. I will document as much as possible and then post it on our YouTube channel.

– Nana

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