Miracle Properties Ltd

Miracle Properties Ltd

On July 15, we received the keys to our first service accommodation, which is a one-floor apartment that we will rent as Service accommodation on Airbnb, booking.com and similar sites.

We learned a lot in the next coming 10 days. We fixed with electricity, water, TV license, insurance, and furnishings.

We have a management team that would take care of the interior for us. That is, buy what was needed and furnish the apartment so it was ready for rent. I was kind to offer that we could order the big stuff, such as the TV. But it ended with me sitting for 2 days and looking up all the interior for the whole apartment which was not the point. The budget they had given us was completely wrong, so maybe it was just as good that I found the decor so I could keep costs down.

After the apartment was decorated and finished, the photographer came and took pictures for marketing.

Miracle Properties Ltd

The last thing we got organized was the internet. We struggled to find a good internet for over 1 week but they have no fibre broadband installed (in the middle of town) we were thinking of using a mobile WiFi hotspot but after many twist and turns, we found a WiFi with sufficient speed.

We sat for a whole Friday night to get everything ready for rental and at the same time we sorted receipts right from January and moved our company’s address to our new auditor which is half as expensive as our old but twice as good.

Fixing with our company is our new cozy Fridays! ??

It is so nice that we are two in this. We can always bounce ideas with each other and keep each other motivated when it comes to heavy days.

– Emelie

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