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So then a whole quarter has already passed in the year 2021. Time goes by so fast, and it feels like you don’t have time for anything at all.

We analysed quarter one and came to the conclusion that we still had done a lot.

High up on the top list, however, is my 35th birthday which was absolutely fantastic. Nana surprised me with spa and babysitter, so we got the whole 24 hours for ourselves. It was relaxing and good food plus it’s so much fun to hang out with my hubby.

We guested a real estate education and gave a lecture on Rent to Rent (R2R) It was very much appreciated 😁 We discussed how to structure the deal and suggested what to think about. We also talked through the pros and cons.

Furthermore, we showed how to use the income from R2R to build up your portfolio, for business expenses or even for everyday expenses. We have a YouTube video on how to use R2R which is linked below.

R2R video

In addition to recording our own podcast, we have had time to guested on 2 other podcasts. Nana visited a podcast himself and another podcast we were both in and talked about our journey and gave our tips for people who want to start in real estate.

Nana guest podcast


Apple podcast


Nana & Emelie

Apple Podcast




Nana has also organized two clubhouse events but interesting real estate investors in the panel. He will also be a mentor in Coalliance, which is a mentoring program to support and help young Afro-Swedes see all the opportunities that life can offer if you are open to it. He will give a lecture on various investments and hopefully make young people think outside the ordinary box.

We have been on real estate hunting here in Sweden as we have some plans that involve the Swedish market as well. But we will return to this when it becomes more relevant. So far, we have not found what we are looking for.

In the UK, we have bid on some family houses, but the market there is also hot, so it is difficult to find properties that actually work as an investment. We had one in progress in Birmingham which was fantastic, but the seller got cold feet and did not want to sell really yet, but we keep in touch and hope that we can buy when the seller is ready.

We have also looked at several major deals with properties that consist of several flats. However, we have some specific criteria that these properties have not been able to meet. For example, that the minimum size should be 37 sqm. This is because you can then sell the flats separately to buyers who want to buy with a mortgage.

We have also started sourcing with our partners in the UK, and sold 2 deals the first month.

During covid we have been very active with digital network meetings and so also during the beginning of 2021. It is a very good way to expand our network of contacts, and we try to take the opportunity to be with as many as possible before they become physical meetings in the UK again instead of digital.

Finally, we have the opportunity to attend an Apprenticeship program during Q2 where we will focus on new ways to achieve our goals. How we work smarter instead of harder.

It will give us a lot and fits perfectly now that soon our little Céleste will be born. She can come at any time, but we are more than ready and long to get to know her.

// Emelie

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