Miracle Properties Ltd

Miracle Properties Ltd

Terraced House > Radhus

Detached House > Villa

Semi-detached House > Parhus

Bungalow > In-villa Plans

Block of Flats > Apartments

Commercial > Commercial Building

Mixed-use > mixed-use building, e.g. shops on the ground floor and apartments above

BTL > Buy To Let > Single Let = A property that is rented out to a household

HMO > House in Multiple Occupation = A property that is rented to more than 2 people who are not from the same household. You rent rooms and share a kitchen/living room and in some cases also a toilet

Flips > You buy a property that you then sell and hope to make a profit by either increasing the value through renovation or by buying it considerably lower than the market value, which is a bit risky

Commercial to Residential > Commercial property that you make for housing

BRR > Buy – Refurb – Refinance = That is exactly what they sound like and that model is often used in BTL purchases. Some say BRRRR the last two Rs stand for Rent out and Repeat

SA > Serviced accommodation = Kortidsboende

Gross Yield > Gross Return, e.g. the annual rent through the price of the property

Net Yield > Net Return, e.g. annual rent minus the costs through the price of the property

ROI > Return on Investment, e.g. Annual rent minus the costs through the capital invested (such as the down payment for purchases with mortgages)

Broker = Lånemäklare, a person who finds the right financial products depending on the type of real estate project in question

Sourcing Agent > Person looking for real estate projects which they then sell to an investor

Solicitor > Advokat

Bridge = Kortidslån, lenders do not care about your personal income or what rental income the property generates as the property is usually empty during the loan period. They do not matter what the condition of the property is and it is faster to arrange than a regular loan. But it is expensive.

Lease Option > Contract with a seller who says you have an option to buy their property within a certain period. Often used when the seller is having trouble selling his property. 2 different contracts Option agreement and then lease or management agreement.

Different Types of Lease Option

*Rent 2 Rent > HMO / SA

*Rent 2 Own / Tenant Buyer / Rent to Buy

*Assisted Sale > usually helps the seller sell the house through renovation

*Sandwich Model > lease option with the seller and then a lease option with a tenant-buyer

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